Dr. John Griffin Scholarship Recipients

This award was created in 2018 after the passing of Dr. John Griffin – pulmonologist who was an attending dedicated to teaching Conroe Family Medicine residents. The award is $3500 to be awarded to a Conroe Family Medicine Resident from the 2nd year class – selected by attendings at the residency. Funds that were originally received for the scholarship (funded mainly by Conroe Regional Hospital and friends and family of John Griffin, not by MCMS) should only be given to the Conroe family medicine residents. If other scholarships are to be given out to any other Montgomery County residents, another scholarship fund should be created and funding agreed upon by the membership of the Montgomery County Medical Society.

2019 - 2020
Dr. Josh Morgan

2021- 2022
Dr. Edward Strecker

“The scholarship helped me be able to support myself as a resident and be able to get supplies that helped me develop extra skills for Residency and helped me be able to get married. I work in Lindale, Texas at Christus health park Lindale, as a family medicine physician I’m doing family medicine, outpatient, mostly full spectrum (not currently OB) with obesity medicine In the future, I look forward to being an advocate for obesity, medicine, and for family medicine, physicians in Texas. I have been active with a TAP but plan to get more involved with the TAFP in the coming years and continue my important role as a husband and father.”

Dr. Rachel Dockery

My name is Dr. Rachel Dockery and I am a resident Family Medicine physician with the Lonestar Family Health Center in Conroe, TX. I am honored to have received the John Griffin Scholarship in 2022. Prior to residency I was a long term substitute teacher for a year and a half at my hometown Junior High and High School in which I taught Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 2. It was a rewarding experience that truly sparked my love for teaching and my rural community. This experience is what further lead me to pursue a career in family medicine and ultimately come back to serve this community as their physician. I am now starting my 3rd and final year in residency. I have had the opportunity through this program to be apart of the underserved track in which I have gained experience treating a rural population with limited resources. This has equipped me with knowledge that I can take back to my hometown in South Texas and be a top notch physician. My plan for after residency is to return to my hometown and roots in Three Rivers, TX and join the local family medicine clinic.

Dr. Leslie Herd

Submitted by Dr. Lata Joshi: “Dr. Leslie Herd earned her medical degree from Texas A&M Health Science Center. She is currently a second year Family Medicine resident who is participating in our Obstetrical Track. Dr. Griffin was a gifted physician, an exceptional colleague and teacher, and an example of what we would all desire to be. I think that he would be proud that Dr. Herd is receiving an award in his honor. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate this is by listening to comments by her faculty and peers. Here is a sample. ‘Dr. Herd is the best resident I have ever worked with. Dr. Herd’s work ethic, knowledge and professionalism are impressive, and she cares for her patients and their families with competence, grace and tact, and even in the most stressful situations she is a calming influence. I would trust my family members in her care.’ As you can see, Dr. Herd is an exceptional physician who embodies Dr. Griffin’s professional excellence as well as his outstanding personal character and qualities.”